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Fear and Your Subconscious Mind

How It Effects Your Health - Cont.

Although I have identified two of the more prominent external forces who affectively use fear base programming, unfortunately, the greatest exerciser of fear based programming is we—now that’s some serious psychosis. While doing research for this article, I came across some stories of women who feared the possibility of getting breast cancer to the point of having both breasts removed, including high profile celebrities like Angelina Jolie. What’s really saddening is that there was never any indication they ever had the diseased, only a “genetic possibility”. But, the fear of getting the disease drove them to a senseless act in my opinion. Many of us succumb to these types of self-inflicted fears, much to the benefit of the “medical industry”. We give way to unnecessary surgeries (women especially are being victimized by this), or are coerced into going on some form of drug therapy were it is known that the side effects of the drug is far more harmful then the so-called disease itself.  How many of us end up in the doctor’s office on an assumption of doing the correct “thing” to stay healthy. If we were not in fear of being scolded for not following social practice would we be sitting

there waiting to be poked and probed as often as we do? Probably not! Likewise, how many of us are frightened into getting “your flu shot” every year to ward off the flu? Were it not for the presence of our own fear programming, I strongly believe healthier and sound decisions would be made by us all in these situations.

Because our beliefs, our behaviors, our habits and our rituals are such powerful dictates in our lives, It should be routine for us to closely examine and re-examining these practices frequently to determine if they are wholesome and holistic for our health, and for the evolution of our consciousness, or if they are rooted in fear, and helping to keep us tied into the matrix. While we search for better ways to express our humanity and grow as a species on this planet, it is quite apparent that growth on all levels will be minimal at best if we do not begin to deprogram those false beliefs controlled by fear. Although we are locked into suggestive methods used by sources for the reinforcement of fear every day, we must mature in our awareness that we are very powerful spiritual beings capable of shaping our own realities, and not have our realities shaped for us through the illusion of fear and false beliefs. How we chose to interpret our environment, the perceptions of our lives and our experiences, and how we socialize and interact with others in this human experience will determine how far we grow collectively in this time and space. The question we should ask ourselves is, should we continue to allow fear run our lives at the sacrifice of our health, or do we kick fear in the ass and send in packing out of our subconscious? The choice is ours. Personally, I would like to say that I learned a lot while writing this article. Having to recognize my own fears has allowed me the time to assess my own spiritual growth, and believe me, I have a ways to go. But then again, that’s why we’re here on this planet to learn and grow right! ‘Til next time, Peace and Love.


Your Brother-- Malik


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