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Fear and Your Subconscious Mind

How It Effects Your Health


Malik Adisa-Ajene

Spiritual growth has been a huge pursuit of my personal development for a number of years; it is what keeps me grounded. However, recent direct or indirect experiences driven by a very powerful energy has guided me to tap deeper into my spiritual essence to help me understand this energy, and how it affects our personal and social behaviors. An energy so influential, it is paralyzing to our spiritual and physical health advancement. This energy, whether it is self-induced and self-perpetuated, or strategically designed to control the populace, is none other than fear. Although we are consciously familiar with what fear is, it is doubtful many of us are truly aware of the effects which fear plays on our subconscious mind, and thus our growth as a species. All intense mentally and emotionally fear induced disturbances that we experienced, regardless of their level, immediately filters into our subconscious. Once these experiences settle there, they become imprinted onto our cells creating what I term as

cataloging every trauma we have ever participated in or witnessed since toddlers. Furthermore, these fear based traumas play a substantial part in dictating our daily behaviors—every second, and are capable of marring up with overtly or covertly designed fear based programs to control the social behaviors of many of us on multiple levels, and in multiple arenas. Most importantly, fear has an unquestionable effect on our health. In essence, fear has the complete ability to overwhelm us, dictate our lives, and profoundly affect our total health and spiritual growth when allowed to subconsciously run unchecked in our mind.

Fear, as defined, is an emotion induced by a threat perceived by living entities which causes a change in brain and organ function (and cell function), and ultimately a change in behavior. It may occur in a response to a specific stimulus happening in the present, or to a future situation, which is perceived as a risk to health or life, status, power, security, or loss of wealth/income. Often times, when the traumatic events occur, the subconscious immediately, and instinctively kicks into activate our sympathetic nervous system as a protective measure to the perceived threat, this is what is commonly known as the fight or flight syndrome. This action is a perfectly healthy process, particularly in the face of imminent danger. But, it is to the detriment of total body health (mental, physical, and spiritual) when we hold onto and internalize these experiences indefinitely. In fact, the National Institute of Mental Health reported that about 40 million adult Americans are affected by a variety of fear based disorders every year. Jiddu Krishnamurti, famed spiritual and philosophical writer/lecturer, whom did a series of lectures on fear spanning almost three decades also stated that fear breeds various forms of mental illness. And, since the majority of us does not know how to naturally have such experiences, and then completely dissolve them, the residual emotional energy related to the event becomes imprinted onto our subconscious, thus allowing the shuttering event(s) to be played in the background of our psyche over and over again. As time goes on, an accumulation of these traumatic occurrences dictates and molds our personality, and how we function in society. Likewise, the earlier in life we experience these traumas, the more entrenched into our cells they become, oft times to the point where part or the entire event becomes completely suppressed, only to become aware of its existence through some form of triggering event, which then causes an emotional response demonstrated by such actions as anger, anxiety, rage hysteria, tension, worry, etc. Additionally, these fear based emotional traumas can completely destroy our health, and make us vulnerable to manipulation and control by meticulously designed fear based programming supplanted directly or indirectly by loved ones, or perceived authoritarians—I’ll explain later.  


Scientists today, led by the work of stem cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton and the new science of epigenetics (above genetics), are beginning to accept on a much deeper level that we are a product of our thoughts created by our personal experiences and beliefs (perceptions), and not a product of our genetics as we have been told for about the last sixty years. In other words, how we perceive or decode our environment and the experiences we have affects our physiology, all the way to the cellular level. As we perceive and interpret our environment our thoughts are converted into electrical impulses and travel down the neuro-pathways of our nervous system and interact with receptors on the cells' membrane, thus influencing the behavior of our cells’ genetic material. What this means is that every cell in our body is vibrating and responding to every thought we have which then controls our biology. Even more vital is that those negative vibrations (thoughts), most often induced by fear, affects our health by producing unhealthy, diseased cells. You may ask, “How is this so?” Well, our subconscious, while interpreting these thoughts day after day commands our endocrine system to secrete stress hormones to deal with the perception that we are in danger. When this happens there is no cell growth or production, and what ever healthy cells we do have are being compromised by the overload of stress hormones. Moreover, many of these fear based thoughts being run by our subconscious mind, mostly from false beliefs, are activating our primitive or survival instincts often without us being conscious of it. Profoundly enough, this is happening most of the time. In fact, neuroscientist have estimated that our subconscious mind is running the show 95% of the time—on auto pilot. Think about that, every experience we ever had, every “significant” thing we were ever told, every belief we accepted since we were toddlers is running as programs by our subconscious mind in the background of our conscious mind over and over again. Can you wrap you consciousness around that!


So, where does this leave us when it comes to those constant fear based programs that were down loaded, and constantly run since an early age; especially since we now know that our thoughts greatly influences our health? What are they doing to our health, to our cells, to our blood chemistry, to our physical, mental, and spiritual growth? First, I think we can all agree that fear is definitely not an element of positive vibrations. Therefore, if we are constantly running those fear based programs, and acting and reacting on their dictates practically every day, because that’s the society we live in now, the intelligence or subconscious intelligence of the body says that it must protect itself, and switches to survival mode. How does the body protect itself from perceive or eminent danger; by actualizing the protective fight or flight response of our sympathetic nervous system, as mentioned earlier. This action, as we are constantly running fear based programs, is dumping stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol, norepinephrine, histamine, cytokine) into our blood every day—not a problem if we were really in danger every day, in fact, it would be pretty natural. But this daily doping of stress hormones is totally unnatural, and poses a serious health risk, because these hormones were designed to be secreted during brief moments of physical stress and danger, not every minute of every day; as is the case for many of us. A constant accumulation of these hormones essentially becomes poisonous to our vital organs to the effect of total destruction. You want to know why so many Americans are sitting in the doctor’s offices with hypertension, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental disorders, and other diseases, take a look at their thoughts and their perceptions; take a look at how they translate the happenings in their environment dictated by historical fear based programs run from their subconscious mind. Furthermore, look at all the fear programming surrounding us every day. Yeah, diet is a key factor to our health, but stress from the negative effects of fear based programming is sending us to our graves far quicker than any McDonald’s Big Mac! It is estimated that 90% of all doctor visits are related to stress.


The unceasing senseless cycle of living life through fear based programming is a persisting threat to our health, as it’s been understood, but its effects are also immobilizing and destructive to our evolutionary growth—mind, body, and spirit, as I have stated. While our subconscious mind runs the accumulation of our fear based programming, unchecked, we, unconsciously of course, are constantly looking for evidence to validate reasons why we believe we should be in fear through our subconscious. This is some serious neurosis, and quite dangerous because fear can make us very unpredictable! These actions make us prime candidates to be manipulated by socially designed fear based programs; many of which were harmlessly taught by our parents and others, but many of them were also cleverly crafted and introduced to us with the sole purpose of complete control. The use of fear based programming is so effective; there is not an area within our society that does not employ its usage, in particularly government, and religion. Our government has always utilized this programming in some fashion, but it has been very direct and in our face over the past decade. Peter Ludlow, philosophy professor at Northwestern University writes “Rather than diminish the fear that inspires humans to act in irrational violent ways, so-called democracies (governments) are using it (fear) as a weapon to ‘control the rabble (multitude).’ Events such as 9/11 and other terrorist acts have been framed and used constantly… During the George W. Bush administration we were treated to the color-coded terror threat meter. It was presented as a way to keep us secure, but constantly wavering between orange and red, it was arguably a device to remind us to be fearful.” Citing constant fear through ongoing run campaigns such as “the threat of terrorism”, and by promoting “Bad Boys” like Osama Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein as the “boogie men” who are coming to steal our freedom away was an effectively used program all the way to war. These two men were pimped to the American public so well it generated enough support, through fear of course, from citizens to agree to a military coup d’état which completely bombed two nations (defenseless) back to the stone age.  And of course these campaigns would not be anywhere close to successful were it not for the puppet media driving its daily dose of fear, as the media and the government have been bed partners for a very long time. In an article titled “How our Government uses “fear” to control the U.S. population” published on, the author states, “Have you ever watched the evening news , only to ask yourself, why the news media and government agencies only seem to report the "bad" things going on? The short answer is control. If the powers that be can keep you in fear, they can control you. The government has become a master of manipulation of the masses, using every form of media we have…”  I’m sure with September 11th quickly approaching, we should start to hear little hints of “possible” terrorist threats being spun soon to heighten the fear of an already neurotically frightened public.


Religion too has benefitted well from the prevalent promotion of fear. I know this statement may ruffle some feathers, but it’s time to be real. Religion, in my opinion is the only other cultural system on this planet which can rival the government when it comes to running fear based programming. It has used fear as a way to keep its followers in constant submission to its objectives. By preaching, oft times with extreme arrogance, that if you do not genuflects to my authority and do as I said “God” commands you to do, then you will be punished and condemned to eternal damnation. This fear programming has been run so successfully by religious institutions for so many centuries it has perpetually kept its followers in check. Some of its followers even boastfully proclaim that “I’m a God fearing person”. Unfortunately, they have not internalized or perhaps understood the following scripture in the Christian bible; (II Timothy 1:7) “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and of sound mind.” In spite of the condemnation of fear in this scripture and in other teachings, fear has continued to be the “great motivator” in the church as a means of control—a program orchestrated by the fathers of the church, no doubt, to keep their members loyal and prime for exploitation.


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