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Malik Adisa-Ajene is the founder and CEO of Spiritual Pathways Holistic Healing. Malik has been studying holistic health care since the mid-1990s and has trained and received guidance from some of the more prominent and affluent natural healers in the country. Malik has certifications in Holistic Nutrition and Basic Herbalism from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, and certifications in Classic Naturopathy & Hygenic Sciences, and Metaphysics from the University of Kemetian Sciences in Orlando, FL. Malik is a graduate of the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) in Portland, OR, and has a diploma in Holistic Healthcare Practices.


After suffering from a string of sinus infections colds and other ailments in his early thirties, and not receiving any relief from "conventional" medicine, Malik began to take an interest in herbal remedies to assist him in regaining his health. Along with a complete and radical change in diet (Malik turned to a completely Vegan diet in 1999), lifestyle, and mental and spiritual thinking, Malik was able to rebalance his health and eliminate the ongoing issues that he had with upper respiratory infections. After finding success in alternative medicine, he committed himself to learn all he could, so that he could teach all he could about the benefits of holistic living. With this goal in mind, Malik takes every opportunity that he can to educate himself on the benefits of optimal health so that he can educate and help others achieve optimal health. 

Malik Adisa-Ajene, HHP

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